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Why Does My Wedding Dress Cost What It Does?

There is so much choice in the wedding industry today when it comes to finding your dream wedding dress; this can only be a good thing when it comes to choice, and having the freedom to be able to find your dress, within your budget. However wouldn’t it be great if things were that simple? Finding a dress for your wedding day can be exciting, and at times stressful – sometimes it’s hard to imagine why the dress of your dreams costs so much?

Here at Marie Chandler Bridal, we pride ourselves on our customer service and the unique dresses that we create for our brides, and although going to a bespoke designer is definitely not your cheapest option, we can confidently say that our prices reflect our time, effort and love which we put into each and every dress that is made for you as a bride! Here we talk about what the benefits of going to bespoke designers are, and why your dress costs what it does; an enlightening insight into each and every aspect of the process of your dress. You will see from the points below that it all takes a lot of time, care and attention to detail adding to the cost every step of the way.

The Design

The design of your dress comes from hours of inspirational trips, fabric sourcing and creative flair, as well as years of design study and experience. Designers listen to brides, as well as working behind the scenes to bring new and exciting ideas to the bridal scene. Every aspect of your dress has been considered in the design process, from neckline shape and sleeve style, to fabric choices, button size and trims!

Personal Touch and Customisation

Bespoke designers have the freedom to create and evolve your dress as you require. Working with brides on such a personal level and being able to create something that fits both you and your personality perfectly takes time. Whether this be designing a dress from an initial idea or changing a dress from the collection, there are alterations and tweaks that can be made to get the desired design. It adds the personal touch to your gown that makes the dress yours, something you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do with a mass-produced gown.

Attention to Detail

Working on one dress and seeing it develop from the pattern to the production means the attention to detail to designers is paramount when creating wedding dresses. Ensuring everything is just right, every step of the way is hugely important to us. We are so passionate about our work that you can guarantee every stitch is given as much love as the last.

The Production

The production of your gown is done in house, in excellent working conditions and from people that we trust! We source and work with the best fabrics, meaning that you can get the desired look and the quality of your gown is spectacular! It is important to us that we know that your dress has been made without cheap labour; we will never support anything where workers aren't safe or adequately paid.

Getting the Perfect Fit

A must for all of our clients! The perfect fit can make or break a dress. The fitting process allows us to nip, tuck and alter where needed – sometimes this can take up to four fittings and may include pattern amendments along the way. The cost of your dress is not only just the dress itself, but the fittings and amendments along the way and the whole personalised process.

Peace of Mind

Having the peace of mind that you know exactly where your dress is at all times, is one less thing for you to stress over! There are no overseas deliveries or relying on another company to get your dress to you in plenty of time. You can see your dress develop through the stages of your fittings from a dress, to your dress.


And as we said at the start, all of the above takes time… the time involved in creating a collection of dresses or a one-off dress is huge. Every detail must be considered, from the initial design, to the pattern being constructed, the fittings, and then creating the dresses themselves, making sure that every tiny detail is just right. For a designer it’s about getting all these things right for each and every bride and this takes lots of time and careful consideration at every stage. Designers are not only connected with you as a bride on a personal level but with their craftsmanship and creation of your dress. Nothing makes up happier than seeing you smiling and feeling your absolute best in something that we have created!

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