Frequently asked questions


How do I book a consultation?

Please drop us an email at, call us on 07525134821 or contact us via our websitewith an ideal date for your consultation and we can get you booked in!

Do you charge for consultations?

First consultations are free, but please give us at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend an appointment so we can offer to other customers. We also prepare our studio for each individual appointment so its good to know in advance of this if you are unabl to attend. If you wish to proceed with a design or garment after this we charge a small fee of £60 for the final garment design and sampling of fabrics, this is taken off the final cost of your garment if you decide to have your dress made by us.

How long do garments take to make?

This will depend entirely on the complexity of the design, but we like to have around 4-6 months to work on your garment, particularly during peak wedding season (May-August). This is to ensure that we can fit your garment into our schedule, allowing time for fittings and alterations as needed and to getting fabrics in time. However if your wedding is in less than 4 months please do get in touch as we can often accommodate more last minute requests, especially in the current circumstances

What sizes do your dresses come in?

We make to all shapes and sizes! Our dresses are all hand made with their own unique patterns created for each client so there is no limit to sizing and styling options.

Do you have any samples to try on?

We have a small selection of samples for our collection pieces which range in sizes. Please do contact us if there is a specific piece you would like to try and we can try to accommodate where possible.

Can I choose different colours and fabrics to what I can see on your website?

Yes, you can have any colour or fabric available, please let us know what you’re thinking of when you come for your consultation or drop us an email to for any specific requests. We’ll always do our best to meet your requirements. Changing fabrics may change the final price of your garment.

How many fittings will I need

A number of factors will effect how many fittings you will need, but we usually expect to do at least 3 before the final delivery for bespoke and a minimum of 2 fittings for made to measure pieces from our collections.

I have found a dress I like can you replicate it?

We don’t copy other peoples dresses, but we’re happy to see your inspiration and create our own designs considering the styles you like

Can I show you my ideas?

Yes please! We’d love to see your ideas! Show us your Pinterest boards, email us your ideas or bring cut outs along to the consultation, whichever you prefer.

I don’t know what I like! Can you help?

Absolutely! We can help you talk through ideas and create a design that is completely unique to you! We have over 10 years of experience in designing so we can create something special from the simplest of descriptions.


What is the payment process?

Deposits will be taken once you have decided that you’d like to proceed with your order after the final design has been agreed. These are charged at 50% of the garment quote. The remaining payment can be made in one lump sum or instalments, please discuss your requirements with us at time of consultation. All garments must be fully paid for before the item is handed over.

How can I pay?

Deposits and all other payments can be made by direct debit, paypal or cash.

How much do your garments cost?

Our collection pieces start at £200.00 for tops, and up to £2,500.00 for dresses, all prices are listed on the website. Prices vary if you choose to customise our collection pieces and can be quoted on request. Our Bespoke garments start at £1,500 for one pieces items such as dresses and £350.00 for seperates, and anywhere up to £4,000.00 depending on your requirements. The average price for a bespoke gown is £2,500.00. These prices include fittings and alterations.

Are there any extra costs?

All of our Bespoke and Made to Measure garments including fittings, alerations and final delivery. This is a set price unless any major changes are requested at which point we will discuss this with you. Made to Measure prices will vary if you choose to customise your garment but prices will be given before construction begins. Costs for all garments can change depending on final fabric choices and also if you decide to change the dress after the first fitting. We may also need to charge extra if any unexpected alterations are needed, such as if someone was to loose or gain weight drastically between fittings and delivery times.

How much is the deposit?

A 50% deposit is required of the final garment price once the dress design is finalised and ready to be made. Please discuss with us if this isn’t possible, we can look at installation payments, but fabric costs must be covered.

My budget won’t stretch to one of your dresses, is there anything we can do?

We sometimes do offers on our dresses especially if we have a wedding fair coming up so keep an eye on our social media pages. But please drop us an email we’d be happy to discuss your ideas with you and see what we can do to accommodate.


How long are consultations?

Consultations usually take between one and two hours.

What happens at consultations?

Consultations give us a chance to meet in person, for you to see the sample dresses and discuss your ideas.

Do you charge for them?

We don’t charge for first consultations, but please let us know if you can’t make it so we can offer spaces to other clients. For second consultations we require a payment of £60 to cover designing your garment and collecting fabric samples. This is deducted from the price of your final garment.

Can anyone come with me?

Of course, but please limit it to one or two people, from experience it can be hard to get your own ideas across if other people have big opinions. At lot of my clients come on their own for their initial meeting and then bring family and bridesmaids to fittings. We advise people not to bring children because it can be distracting but we’re happy to accommodate in certain situations.

Do you do weekend and late nights?

We can try to accommodate fittings that suit all clients so please let us know if weekends and evenings are all you can make.

Do I need to bring anything to my consultation?

If you’re looking at try on our collection pieces we’d recommend wearing a bra you’d be likely to wear (strapless is usually a good option) and wear full pants! We also recommend you bring a pair of shoes around the height you expect to wear. We have a small selection of shoes you wear during your fitting if you need them.


Do you hire dresses?

At present we do not hire dresses.

Do you alter other wedding and bridesmaid dresses?

We can do alterations and we love a good upcycling challenge, these services are available through our sister site

Do you make bridesmaid and mother of the bride/groom outfits?

We offer bespoke bridesmaid and MOB/G dresses, guests, best women. These are available through our sister site

Can you help with any other wedding queries?

Absolutely. We work with some amazing people every day and can recommend cake makers, florists, stationary designers, MUA’s, and so on!

Can I take photos?

Of course, we know it’s helpful to be able to look at yourself in them, but please do not ask other designers to copy our dresses.

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